Thursday, May 22, 2008

art on the street: Republic of Veggie

an Ode to: Sun, Style, & a Good Song

Rad Shit: Schweppes Commercial

This only aired in Australia...

damn! once again- Americans are deprived of such beauty.

art on the street: dave is drawing

Artist Spotlight: Candykiller

Now i'm a huge fan of mid-century illustrations...the ability to blend an old fashioned look yet keep it relevant in todays scene. Props!

What I'd really love to see someone do (if it hasn't been done already) is see someone create a shoes based on the look & sentiment of Mr.Softee...he is kind of awesome! But they'd have to write in the swirly mr.softee font on the back of the shoes. and make something funky on the laces to resemble sprinkles & 50s flair. lol

Hermes is at it AGAIN! Check out the 'copter

Bands We Love: JUSTICE

Artist Spotlight: Zener (oil on canvas)

Rad Shit: The "Murf" by Nixon

this bad boy recently landed at the Desks of "Wired"...Big, Bold, and Sexy

Sunday, May 18, 2008

rad shit: office supplies

art on the street: Seen in LA

art on the street: Nick Walker / NYC

art on the street: Dublin

art on the street: Ron English / London

artist spotlight: BLU wall animations

art on the street: Paris

art on the street: SAM3/Madrid

artist spotlight: Adam Neate

art on the street: seen in CHICAGO

Where On Earth Is Waldo?

Remember the daunting task of finding waldo amidst thousands of look alikes? Ah yes- you know....and if you don't remember its more than likely one of your cousins/friends/children/neighbors knows.

The popular series has sparked one art student to create a GIANT waldo in the hopes that Google earth will be able to spot him. Check out the video.

artist spotlight: Vinchen

Art On The Street: Athens

No Suprise

Its no suprise the blog posts have been a little laggy-

But that is not to say that it is for no reason! In building the sole empire- I have been tweaking DLS & Building a sister site in the process. Stick it out with me & you will find something bigger and better in the near future.

I must however admit- I miss my daily posts & promise from this point onward to continue my blogging duties until I have finalized all other plans for the next site.

sorry for holdin' out kiddies.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tech Geeks Gather Round: TUNIT

In March adidas introduced a new technology called adi Dot (clear material in the heel of the soccer cleat pictured above)
adiDot is an improvement on traditional materials (i.e: Leather) because it does two key things:
1. Provides stability, support, and flexibility in the heel area. Soccer players change direction constantly during the course of play and these three attributes are vital in a performance soccer shoe (specifically in the heel and mid-foot area)

2. The above attributes have been achieved (with adiDot) while at the same time reducing weight, making the shoe more durable, and eliminating water uptake.

Not only does it look & feel cool- the material is more tear resistant, flexible, and has no water uptake! The cleat pictured above is from the F50 Tunit line (flashy & customizable) and the colorways are made specifically for the Euro Cup this summer....