Friday, March 28, 2008

Look great all the time-

how awesome would it be to get a thumbs up- even on your shittiest day? Thanks Vous Mirrors

Rad Shit

Ya Dig?!: Philips HTS8140 Ambisound Soundbar

An all-in-one home cinema sound solution- The Philips HTS8140 Ambisound Soundbar is an Ambilight flat TV. Now featuring a flatter speaker system with the refinement of an angled driver positioning, and touch screen controls- It is super easy to use! Pricing details are yet to be determined. Stay Tuned!


Why is it that something always seems to go missing on your desk at work? Pens, Scissors, and STAPLERS! Ever see the movie office space? You know how that ended.

Now just go HULK on your co-workers with this nifty stapler that sends a CLEAR message: DONT TOUCH MY SHIT!

O-Nest Chairs

I like these chairs because the enveloping shape is reminiscent of a flowering bush. The colors are playful, and the embossed floral decorations are a hallmark of the Dutch designer. This sculptural piece unites attractive decoration with excellent quality and versatility. Great piece to brighten up a dull room.

Golf from another Galaxy

WOW! This is actually part of the official Star Wars Golf Gear. I am so ready to Get galactic on the green. They offer two choices- Stormtrooper white or Darth Vader black. These clubs are being made in Japan and apparently the quality is good. They should go on sale soon for about $500. With this gear AND the Force, golfers will not know what to do with themselves any more.

Don't Sleep on This

Now you really can play Tetris on your couch. These Soft toys form the shape of assorted Tetris pieces. One set contains seven pieces in bright hues of pink, green, blue, and yellow. You can arrange them in all sorts of combos- just like you do from your cellphone at work! The Tetris pieces are made of soft polar fleece fabric and stuffed with polyfill and feature hand-stitched black embroidery. Each piece is one of a kind. Guaranteed Hours of fun for your couch!

artist spotlight: Mads Berg

really diggin' the color, style, and composition of these pieces....
check out the full range here:

art on the street: seen in NYC subway

Jersey Kids Never Felt So Glamorous

Jeff Finley is a wonderful graphic [tee] designer. Definitely check him out here:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

artist spotlight: Lil Wayne Puts down his beer pong cup & picks up a lollipop

Lil Wayne was recently named "Man Of The Year" by GQ Magazine (2007) and "Best Rock Star Alive" by Blender Magazine (2008). As a solo artist Wayne has released a total of 5 albums- and I'm sure you've heard at least one of his catchy hooks since. Tha Block Is Hot (1999) reached platinum status and was a #1 Billboard Album. He later released Lights Out (2000), 500Degreez (2002), and his defining album, 2004's platinum certified, Tha Carter, which featured the single "Go DJ." His critically acclaimed, platinum-plus follow-up, Tha Carter II, 2005 debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top Albums chart, a groundbreaking and provocative tour de force which the New York Times hailed as 'historic.' Tha Carter III marks the sixth solo project from Wayne. Tha Carter III- will be the final installment in his trilogy.

A sucker for the sizzurp-"Lollipop" feat. Static will be the 1st single off of the album.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Ya dig?!: mag-nifique

A curtain which you can shape into any form. Through the incorporated structure and magnets, it stays in the shape you push and pull it to. No more fussing around with pesky rods, and strings....awesome!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Obama on Race

For those who have yet to see / discuss...soak this in...def food for thought:

*my viewpoints at a later date- seriously!...

art on the street: Seen in south Australia

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

art on the street: "Nomadz"

Nomadz is a gallery bringing together some of the best artists across the Mediterranean.

Curated by Pablo Aravena

art on the street : Korea

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bond Is Forever

I've been wanting to write about this for a long time....

I admire the essence of a Bond Girl. Mysterious, Beautiful, and Cleverly named ala double entendre. A bond girl will typically be a victim, agent, ally, villainesses or member of an enemy organization. A few are just simply stunning!

According to Wikipedia A Bond girl is a character portraying a love interest/sex object of James Bond.

If you are a heterosexual male you wanted one of these girls, and if you are a female you wanted to be one of them.

Mariah Carey actually acted the part of one of my faves "Honey Ryder' from the film Dr.No- in her uniquely named "Honey" video.

And... Halle Berry had a similar take of this classic Bond Girl outfit in "Tomorrow Never Dies"

With a few other notable Bond Gals like:

Pussy Galore- (I love her Killer hair)

Jill Masterson- (who else can make death by gold paint look so glam?)

Vesper Lynd (From the Original Casino Royale- '67)

and Solitaire- (Jane Seymour at her finest!)

These ladies are all icons. Classic, Elegant, Sexy, and Fashion Forward!

Recently Gwen Stefani payed a small tribute to these gals by creating a bond girl swimsuit line for her L.A.M.B collection along with countless other designers who continue to create pieces inspired by these fine women. Check her out at

artist spotlight: Anthony Lister

"Supervillains" exhibit April 26th @ NEW IMAGE

Monday, March 17, 2008

Buzzworthy: so FURIOUS!

Dj Furious Styles is at it one more again...
The XM DJ provides producers with a platform to shine with his mixtape & gives sound advice to the up'n'coming.

Having been recognized as what I call a "put you on" dj- Styles highligts a lot of unsigned talent by linking with to take his mixtape credibility to a new dimension.

The Official PMP Mixtapfeatures beats from up and coming producers and is hosted by Hi-Tek, Red Spyda, 88 Keys and Vinni Idol. The project masterminded by Furious Styles is the first of its kind, a unique platform for the aspiring production minds within the industry.

Advice such as "Don't sign anything when you're introduced to the industry; the best thing you can do is have the proper management and the most important, a good attorney". - Hi Tek and "The key to beats is to master your equipment, know it in and out and get feedback from everywhere and be honest with yourself" - 88 Keys is interwoven throughout this musical journey. Statements and guidance such as this show the encouragement and non egotistical approach that encompasses the world in which producers reside.

Buzzworthy: Samsung Mic check 1, 2

Samsung is coming up in the game! Believe it---

With Five of today's Hottest Bands, performances in Five Major Cities, and Support by Four Different Carriers - entirely through Samsung and for your enjoyment...

Samsung is really encouraging the interactive experience for mobile lovers on the go.

Samsung Sound Check will deliver five one-night private music events with tickets only available via radio promotions, street teams, and online registration.

The lineup is looking like:
  • Ne-Yo in New Orleans, LA on March 27 Presented by Alltel Wireless
  • Jimmy Eat World in Charlotte, NC on March 30, Presented by Alltel Wireless
  • Gym Class Heroes in Chicago, IL on April 10, Presented by U.S. Cellular
  • Paramore in Houston, TX on April 29, Presented by CricKet Wireless
  • Sean Kingston in Las Vegas on May 14

For more information on the Samsung Sound Check series visit: or

Saturday, March 15, 2008

arttist spotlight: Murakami

Back in December we spotted a tagged up Murakami billboard- twas' pretty dope.
Having been linked to the pop art movement- Takashi Murakami will be showcasing his goods at the Brooklyn Museum in April. Close to 100 works of art spanning Murakami's career will be on display in an 18,500 square foot gallery. The pieces span the early years of his work ('92) to 2000. Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and students -The gallery will open April 5th and conclude July 13th, 2008. For more information, check out the Brooklyn Museum.

Friday, March 14, 2008


this is funny as hell...

artist spotlight: COPE2

NYC native & graff artist COPE2 brings some new heat to the kitchen with the Ningyo Gosho project from Super Rad Toys. Rather than depicting a fictional graff character, COPE2’s Gosho is his graff full frontal. Unapologetically covered in his signature bubble tag- the figurine shines in bright turquoise and purple. Accented by a pink vest- we note a signature "throwup."
This piece of vinyl is available in MAY.

a good read: Parallel Strokes

A compilation piece- a mecca of interviews with twenty-plus contemporary typeface designers, graffiti writers, and lettering artists...binded together in one place for your enjoyment!

art on the street: Bruno9li

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


In a joint effort by New Era & Imperial Records, Terror Squad and Cornerstone Promotion- they proudly announce an exclusive cap collaboration for Fat Joe's 8th full-length album, "The Elephant In The Room."

A limited run of promo-only caps will be issued in mid-March to pay tribute to the March 11th album release.


more info can be found on HAZE's blog:

Monday, March 10, 2008

art on the street: banksy

diversity breeds life. that is my belief...

In a true testament to those who admire street art- Jeremy Gibbs created a short film on unsuspecting people studying Banksy's work. The result? You see the diverse range of people who stopped, admired, and appreciated the value of this culture we call "street art"

watch & learn:

art on the street: Women Are Heroes

Friday, March 7, 2008

Buzzworthy: one amazing show for one incredible weekend!

The ultimate party weekend of the SUMMER! And guess what- you can celebrate it with ESSENCE. Kanye West, Chris Rock, Chris Brown, Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott, and various others are set to Headline the 2008 Essence Music Festival. This is the Nation's Largest Annual Celebration of Black Music and Culture

In a statement by the Magazine they announced:

"The 2008 Essence Music Festival will feature another stellar line-up -- with Kanye West, Chris Rock, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown, Jill Scott, Morris Day and The Time, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly joining us in New Orleans," said Michelle Ebanks, President, Essence Communications Inc.

With MULTIPLE Grammy wins and nods- West will rock the Louisiana Superdome with hits from "Graduation." Chris Roc will be gracing the Festival stage for the first time in more than a decade! So you know he's bringing the heat.

Needles to say that the QUEEN- Ms. Mary J is heading back to the festival by popular demand after several show-stopping performances in previous years.

log on to for more details