Sunday, June 21, 2009


Similar to a bleeding heart, this table is looking for a little TLC.
I love the effect of the wet/dripping paint, but it may scare a few people off or scream "redrum"

hmm...tough call here.

Turning a new leaf...literally...only eating salads these days.

So- I've been away for quite some time. No excuses!

Where have I been and what have I been doing? PR always, but I also took some time to really enjoy NYC, my friends, solo time and an island getaway with my road-dog "Ms.T"

I'm also (openly) announcing my new fitness regimen and tracking its progress on the bloggie. I'll be going green this summer. Trying to stick to only veggies and healthy crap. So wish me luck!

As a goodbye treat to the greatness that is a cheeseburger accompanied by drunken french fries...I leave you with a photographic journey titled "What I ate while on Vacation"