Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Good Read: Custom Kicks

Consider this the bible of customized footwear. Custom Kicks features the works of about 140 artists including Us, Skwak, Steven Harrington, Chuck Anderson, Mike Perry, Boris Hoppek, Jeremyville (one of my personal favorites), Emil Kozak, Jon Burgerman and many many more.

The book launch event took place yesterday on the Spui square in Amsterdam.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

TODAY IS CRAZY IN NYC! A glorious day...and a Hip Hop Love affair

Saturday: June 28, 2008

REMIX HOTEL NEW YORK FREE! 1-8 P.M.; Sun 1-6 P.M. 16+. Industry Panels: $12 each. SAE Institute 1293 Broadway @ W 33rd St., 9th Fl NYC 10001. Trains: B, D, F, N, Q, R, V, W to 34th St.remixmag. com/remixhotel/nyc.

CROOKLYN DODGERS (BROOKLYN)7pm-? Chubb Rock, Jeru The Damaga, O.C., Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline & Stricklyn, DJ Premier & Ali Shaheed Mohammad. Hosts: Buckshot & Special Ed. Prospect Park Bandshell W & 9th St in Park Slope. F to 7th & exit at the front of the BKLYN bound train.
Source: Danny Castro of Lyricist Lounge.

BLACK SPADES 40TH ANNIVERSARY (BRONX)8am-9pm.Theme: Stop the Mindless Internal Fratricide & Violence in order to build the true unity & peace in our hoods. Mitchell Projects Lazada Playground on Willis Ave and 135th St. 4 or 5 to 138th/Grand Concourse or 6 to 138th/Third Avenue. Rain date June 29. "Black Spades Never Die; They Multiply" & "Evolve Into Zulu's" PEACE & LIBERATION, Panther Shep & Panther George.

PETE ROCK (NYC)Hiro Ballroom: 371 W16th St. at 9th Ave Doors 10pm. 21+ w/I.D.

GHETTO CHRONICLES: HIP HOP MUSICAL NYC4pm & 7pm. A musical journey thru issues in da hood told by performers who sing, rap, dance and speak poetry. Written, Directed, Choreographed and Produced By DWhit. OK for ages 8+. The Producers' Club Theater 358 West 44th St @ 9th Ave. NYC.$25 @ theatermania. com or @ box office on show day.

CONFESSIONS OF A BET PRODUCER (HARLEM)1-10pm. Has BET Really Sold Hip Hop Down the River? Lecture by David K Far-el (DBrad). Poetry & Hip Hop by Zulu Nation Artists. $20 Adv., $25 Door. $10 Teens. Hip Hop Church 160 W.146th St. 3 to 145th St. Sista Shai.communityconsciousculturalevents. com

MOS DEF w/ GIL SCOTT HERON (NYC)JVC Jazz Fest at Carnegie Hall W. 57th St. & 7th Ave.

STOP THE VIOLENCE (BRONX)All Day! FREE! All Ages. St Mary's Recreation Center 450 St Anns, Bronx NYC. 212-368-1837.Source: myspace. com/levionline

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Creep me in your teepee- please?

Luxury Teepees with WIFI? yes. correct.

Perfect Earth Tours created these fabulous teepees along with other options including their spa and log cabins. As for the specifics on the Teepees: "Each of our guest Teepees are furnished with two queen sized luxury beds and bedding. We exclusively use mattresses, bedding's, linen and accessories from the worlds most luxurious organic suppliers. The rooms also include an individual sitting and reading area, a fireplace center piece, personal dresser, original art, complimentary stocked bar, a variety of non - alcoholic drinks, a vanity table, two DVD players with wireless headsets, satellite radio and wireless internet access. First of all, each teepee has their very own personal "outhouse". They are state of the art organic composting toilets with absolutely no similarity to the old fashioned "outhouse". They are odorless and extremely easy to use, just like your your toilet at home."

art ont he street: Broken Crow

art on the street: Rotterdam

art on the street:

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Best Known for his work with MUPPETS...Love began his career as a marionette maker and costume designer for Broadway and other stage productions as early as the 1930s!

Initially Love was not associated with J.Henderson (creator of KERMIT THE FROG), but in the 60s fate came knocking and these incredible artists crossed paths....

As love built his own reputation & perfected his craft he brought us all two of our favorite and most adored characters-Big Bird & Mr. Snuffleupagus. His vision for Big Bird was for the puppet to shed feathers in the course of normal movement, "Not unlike a tree shedding leaves in the Fall" to appear more natural to young viewers.

Love then went on to work on the Muppet Show & Various other films.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

fiddy loves adidas

Fidel Castro as of late...

Birthday Present?

Checking out the Moët & Chandon site, you can either walk away with a history lesson on their heritage, or you can check the behind the scenes video of the new "be fabulous" campaign that was shot in NY by photographer Roxanne Lowit.

Also on the site is the new Moët Rosé Indulgence Coffret ~ there's something so appealing about this 18th century boudoir inspired coffret... nice touch having it under lock and key - complete with big pink tassel!!! (pink is my favorite color y'know)

How many ways can you use Velcro?

Conran Shop's ROJO Exhibition party curated by Nani Marquina and Luis Eslava ~ on display: Face to Face lamp constructed of velcro strips

Summer Must have: Essie

Essie is by far my fave nailpolish brand...they offer everything from the winter classic "Wicked" to the Summer friendly colors like "Lim-o-scene."

NOW they have just released a new range for a little flair. The NEON pack

"Neon Collection" packages are only $ 18!

Pour l'amour de la typographie

artist spotlight: Posterchild

What a clever young man! He's taking a stained glass approach of art & placing it over the televised ads on NYC's subway entrances. It looks gorgeous!

Check the video:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

art on the street: Swoon / NYC

art on the street: Sao Paulo

art news

WHAT: Romanian Art @ the Romanian Cultural Institute

WHO: three young artists, Nuclear Fairy, IRLO and Omar will translate their unique cultural view into an installation across three rooms.

WHEN: Wed. night check their art as they capture their view of their 1st visit to NYC

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sole Obsession: adidas Top Ten 2000 X Moe's Sneaker Spot

Today I was ever so pleased to see the Moe's X adidas shoe kickoff. If you have nevere visted this lovely sneaker heaven in queens- then you are missing out! This spot is where its at, and where it has been since the days of Run DMC's shelltop shopping.

The colors on these are crazy! To say it simply "It is what it is"

art on the street: the scene in China

Reverse graff (learn bout it here)

"Its written in dirt like it'd be written in blood"-

Paul "Moose" Curtis creates graff in a non traditional form, by actually CLEANING the space he is in. By imposing a contrast on a dirty canvas/landscape/environment- he can create an image you never knew could exist. Confused? check the vid.

art on the street: Adam Neate / seen in Brazil

music we love: Adele

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of watching Adele perform at the Highline Theatre.

In a moment of admiration of her voice- this sparked me to think- why are people only getting signed as soul singers these days if they have a british accent? SERIOUSLY... what happened to American greats & the paths they've led up until now?

Have The glory days of Jill Scott, the former Lauryn Hill, and all of their glorious counterparts come to an end? Now you are subjected only to the likes of Amy Winehouse sing-a-likes...not to say these women don't have great talent...but makes you wonder- what is really good in London that aint poppin' here?

Maybe we should all just praise Mark Ronson (responsible for the upstart of Amy, Lily Allen, and now Adele)...anywho...

Adele was awesome! Beautiful spirit, voice, and energy. Initially her attitude in interviews seems a little rough around the edges- but She is just aware of her talent, but not jaded (yet) or cocky. She's simply a nervous little newbie who burps when she's had too much pineapple juice before a show.

And for the record- I STILL don't think anybody does a better Etta James cover than my Girl Christina Aguilera- LOVE YOU GIRL! :) She's always gonna be my #1!

Listen to two of my fave adele tracks off of her album "19."

"Right as Rain"

this is another awesome one "Chasing Pavements" (youtube was funny about embedding the actual video for this one)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

artist spotlight: design friendship (graphic art)

Start your engines!

Mr. Chris Bangle, one of the most controversial car designers in the world, is responsible for this latest BMW model. Going beyond the traditional sleek design- he's taken the extra steps & created a whole new dimension of creativity. Not only is it a nice car, but it´s flexible! yes you heard me- FLEXIBLE. Check the video.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Converse continues to make strides

They got Santogold! Love her!!!!!!!

and might I add...the Converse Chuck Taylor High "Leather Jacket" kicks are SICK. These are part of the century collection as well!

buy me: Pow Pendant Necklace

you can purcase via colette

Virtual Pong

designed by Moritz Waldemeyer. This table re-creates the classic game Pong, introduced by Atari by 1972. The tabletop has 2,400 LEDs and two track pads embedded in its surface, turning the white Corian into a digital gaming borad. When the game is turned off, the integerated technology disappears. niiiice!!!!!

put some knuckle grease in it.

A new design partnership, Chromoly, has brought the spotlight on its lead designer, Jonathan Sabine

Thanks Sherwood Forlee

Style: Speak-er

what I love: The stylistic appeal. resembles something out of a pop art museum. no?

HXC timepieces

I'm a sucker for anything resembling a turntable. Tokidoki creators are sick with their ability to blend trend w. abstract style. We can give thanks to Simone Legno for bringing this fun loving timepiece to us. The square face with a rotating record makes us daydream about the old days. The time is displayed on the left of the record reminding us of an old RPM display.

NYC Fun this Weekend! Summerstage

My girl kid sis will be performing along with a band we love- Vampire weekend!

Cost: FREE

Bands We Love: MGMT

Music We Love: Lykke Li

Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

check more of the work out here:

Tabrez Typography


art on the street: hong kong

art on the street: Sao Paulo

art on the street: Paris / gunflowers

art on the street: seen in Vancouver

srt on the street: spotted in Hackney

art on the street: jaybo / Berlin

get me out of here.

art on the street: from Liberia to London

How many ways can you use Jello?

I love VIDEO

Revamped Graphic Equalizer from Marcelo Costa on Vimeo.

artist spotlight: Jan Vormann / Lego Wall Crack / Italy

Images of the complete project can be found here:

Jet Set Graff - an inside look

we've been on holiday, but BACK in action now